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University of Connecticut-Storrs has a 20-Minute Mentor Commons Subscription

20minute_mentor_picAs a member of our campus community, you have free access to this online resource from Magna Publications. 20-Minute Mentor Commons offers on-demand versions of their popular 20-Minute Mentor programs, covering a broad range of faculty development topics. Sign up today and help energize your higher education career.

STEP 1: Obtain the UConn 20-Minute Mentor Commons Authorization Code
Please complete the form below, click submit and you will receive the code.

  • Please indicate your interests from the lists above.

STEP 2: Activate your 20-Minute Mentor Commons subscription
1. Go to www.magnapubs.com/sitelicense/registration.html?v=uconn0622
2. Enter information in each of the required fields. In the Authorization Code box, enter our group Authorization Code and click Submit.

Please note: entering the Authorization Code is done only once.

STEP 3: Access the 20-Minute Mentor Commons library
1. Go to www.magnapubs.com/profile
2. Enter your email address and password, and click Submit. If you do not know or remember your account password, use “Forget your password?” to reset it.
3. On the left side of the screen, under My Account, My Online Access, select Subscriptions. The online content you have access to will be listed to the right. Click the appropriate link to view the content.

Please do not share the Authorization Code with anyone outside our campus community.

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