Collaborate Web Conferencing

Using Blackboard Collaborate

The Collaborate tool, now available in all HuskyCT sites, makes it possible for instructors to interact with students synchronously in an online web conferencing session that includes the capabilities for video, audio, screen sharing, text chat, hand-raising, file sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.  Sessions can also be recorded and available for viewing at another time.The fact that Collaborate is integrated with HuskyCT eliminates the need for sending session invites to email addresses or needing a username or password. The access from HuskyCT just requires students to click on a link to access a session.

Collaborate Versions

There are currently two versions of Collaborate – Collaborate Classic and Collaborate Ultra. Collaborate Classic has a few features that Ultra does not. The chart below will help you determine which version would be best for your purposes. Each HuskyCT site can only have one version activated. By default, Collaborate Classic will be available. Instructors wishing to use Collaborate Ultra, however, can email to request this option for a particular HuskyCT site.